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The Exhibition of Munch in Genoa

In the 150th anniversary of Munch’s birth, the great artist of the famous “Urlo”, Italy pays homage to him with an exhibition in Palazzo Ducale, here in Genoa.

The exhibition will display the artist’s variegated production, between 1880 and 1944, with manifold works (oil paintings, tempera paintings, pastels, lithography and xilography works) collected thanks to a punctilious and a very difficult work of research ad borrow from the main private collections of the world, this will offer the possibility to see Munch’s works that usually are inacessible to the public.

Starting from juvenile to domestic works, from portraits to woman descriptions in hers different symbolic accepted meanings, the exhibition it is an “excursus” on the painter’s inner life: 80 works collected in 8 sections that describes Munch’s artistic identity and existential tension. The exhibition it is visible till 27 April 2014.

Monday: 14.00-19.00
Tuesday-Sunday: 9.00-19.00

Full 13,00 euro
Reduced 11,00 euro